Welcome Hongzhun E-Commerce
Founded in 2018, Hawkforce is an all-encompassing Tools & Home Improvement brand that seeks to add a pop of convenience and cutting-edge quality into every aspect of daily life. Now a broad variety of tools specifically designed for daily lives is ready. Especially for home users and DIYers. We will continue to design products with superior features and offer you the most fascinating shopping experience.
Innovation Attitude
We are dedicated in building our company into an industry benchmark for corporate integrity & performance.
Pursuit of Excellence
We seek the improvements at every step of the development of our products, starting with design, tooling, production, packaging and final delivery to our customers.
Quality Control
Our quality system consists of many checks and balances that to ensure we consistently deliver the same high quality product every time.
Affordable Fair
We concentrate on forming sustainable relationships with our material suppliers for controlling the best quality at the lowest cost.